U.S. Patent Nos. 6,797,289 and 8,753,697. For use under U.S. PatentNos. 8,568,803 and 8,808,770. Additional Patent Pending

Stunned with KeKe’s improvement

We have a 16-yrs old kitty with no eyes, who’s joint health was slowly declining due to age. He had to use stairs to get onto our bed. This morning, when I was grabbing the bag of Dasuquin, Keke LAUNCHED HIMSELF from the floor to the bed excitedly! We’ve only been using this product for a short time and I’m absolutely stunned at the progress. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my Keke!

Dasuquin Advanced is keeping my Shih Tzu moving!

My black and white shih Tzu will be fifteen August 30.  The Dasuquin Advanced Soft Chews are keeping her moving.  She takes several walks daily and continues to have lots of energy.

A vet nurse’s Sweet Pea

I use Dasuquin for my little Chihuahua, Sweet Pea, as well as Denamarin.  She is 13 yrs. old and weighs 8 pounds. She was taking Cosequin, but when our clinic started using Dasuquin, I figured I’d try it and see if it was any better.  After a short time, I noticed a significant difference in her mobility.  Although she still walks funny because of her patellar issues, she seems more comfortable and has even started playing with one of my other dogs.  She loves to chase her little ball around the house and I love watching her! My pets are my heart, and anything I can do, or give, to make their lives better is always a wonderful thing.  Thank you so much!

Dasuquin makes the difference

Tara is a 6 year young British lab. Dasuquin has been the difference between keeping her comfortable and keeping her running! Thank you, Nutramax. She still loves to run and fetch and go for long walks. She will take Dasuquin for the rest of her life!

Our Spry Peyton!

Our Beagle, Peyton, is 12 years old.  Last year after our walks, she was having trouble climbing the stairs and getting up on her favorite ottoman to look out the window.  I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to take her on walks anymore.  Our Veterinarian recommended Dasuquin Advanced.  The results are amazing.  After our daily 1.5 mile walks (sometimes longer now) she has no more problems climbing the stairs.  Sometimes she even runs again! She has been taking Dasuquin every day for over a year now and she is very spry for her age.  She loves the taste also! They are her morning treat.  Thank You!

Dasuquin Makes for a Playful Dog!

Helps my 13 year old so much that every day now around 4:00 in the afternoon she initiates a play session with our two year old dog.  They play for a good 20’s awesome!

My Chipper Chihuahua

I have been using Dasuquin, as recommended by my vet, for my Chihuahua along with acupressure and some Chinese herbs. Together they have worked wonders. I will continue to keep him on this product, probably forever, as he is 11 years old, and I want to keep him young and healthy!

Rosso Takes Dasuquin!

We have a Collie, 6 years old, who has had joint problems since he was very young. Rosso is unusually tall for a Collie but we are careful to keep his weight low. He has very stiff joints and trips easily. We stretch him every day. Almost a month ago we started Rosso on Dasuquin. Two tabs a day, and are now down to one a day. He is a new dog. Much happier. I’ve always had Springer Spaniels, who are more like bulldozers than anything else. My husband’s Collie is so much more delicate. We are thrilled to see the changes in Rosso. He can now run and play again with his crazy Springer friend Zeus. Lots of Thanks, Ingrid and Anders

Bouncing Around Like a Puppy Again with Dasuquin Advanced!

My golden retriever who is 17, yes 17, uses this daily.  We started about 2 months ago and can tell a huge difference.  None of the other products we’d tried seemed to help as much as Dasuquin does.  She gets up and down easier, climbs steps easily and I can tell she is much more comfortable!  She is bouncing around like a puppy again!  So happy my new vet recommended these.  Thank you for making a product that works and that my dog loves!

Impressed with Dasuquin Advanced

We have 2 senior small dogs, Molly & Cookie. I’ve been taking Molly to the Vet because of her hind legs. After 3 different trips, the vet suggested your product Dasuquin Advanced. After one month, Molly is now able to “jump” back on the bed and sofa. We are so impressed with your product and give it to both of our dogs. I have and will continue to recommend your fine product. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Sincerely, Naomi

Finnegan is His Wonderful Self Again

Our ten year old Welsh Corgi, Finnegan, no longer wanted to chase the cows and had trouble going up stairs. He could no longer get into the truck and was totally exhausted after a walk so he would take a long nap.  It was hard for Finny to get up after lying down; he just looked longingly at the chair where he used to sit but could no longer jump up to it.  We had always played tug a rope when he was younger, but hadn’t done so in 3 years or so.  Finny was getting old.  A trip to the vet who recommended Dasuquin for Finny, and he is an entirely new dog! Once again he is running and jumping, happily leaping into the truck for rides, or onto his chair for petting and playing tug a rope with me.  He is always ready for walks and runs around the park.  Finnegan is his wonderful self again and now begs for his tablet each morning.  Thank you so very much for giving me my terrific dog back!

High Marks for Dasuquin!

Our Vet suggested we use Dasuquin from Nutramax Labs Vet Sciences for a knee joint issue in our dog Sofie – A Norwegian Elk Hound. We were assured by our vet that this product would help. We have not been disappointed! Sofie’s knee is much better. While not 100% yet, Sofie is on the mend thanks to Dasuquin. We plan on using Dasuquin as a part of her normal regimen in the future to assure her normal well-being. We can’t rate Dasuquin high enough!

Dasuquin Has Her Spinning Circles!

My 9 year old Akita just completed her 30 day starting regimen of Dasuquin and the results are astounding.  She was spinning circles and playing with me tonight like a one year old puppy.  She is much stronger, much more energetic, and seems much happier.  She is a retired show dog and Dasuquin is going to allow her to fully enjoy the life of leisure she so richly deserves.  Your product has greatly exceeded my expectations and I’m so thankful that you not only care about pets but you have focused so intently on their quality of life.  Thank You.

Dasuquin Advanced to the Rescue!

After starting Dasuquin Advanced, our 12 year old lab/collie mix is back to jumping up on the sofa and is more comfortable. Thank you.

Responding Nicely to Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews

I got the Dasuquin with MSM soft chews to try out for my Manchester terrier who is about 7 years old.  He has one front leg that sometimes has some issues.  Some days he seemed okay where it didn’t bother him and then other days it would.  So I bought these joint chews because of great reviews and thought it was worth a shot to try.  Soon I noticed a response.  Not long after that, he completely stopped having any issues which I was so happy and surprised about, and I’m sure my dog feels better, too.  So I’m hoping this product keeps working and am definitely going to make sure I have it on hand at all times because I’m sure if I stopped giving it to him then he would start having problems again.  So, thanks for making such a great product. I’m definitely going to check out some of your other products as well because it looks like there are a lot of wonderful products, and the joint chews are the first product I’ve tried from this brand.  I’m probably going to try out a joint supplement for my cat because she is also 7 years old, so it would probably be good to give her a joint product, too, just to keep her joints staying healthy.  Thank you.

Elfaba is Spry as a Kitten!

One day last spring, my 15 year old kitty, Elfaba, tried to jump up on my bed, but could not make it up. We have a nap ritual, where she snuggles me while I read and then we both catch a catnap. I mentioned this to her vet at her checkup a few days later. She started using Dasuquin, and soon she was her old self and has had no more problems. She is on 1 a day and is as spry and playful as she was as a kitten!

Dasuquin Has Done Wonders for Bandit

I tried Dasuquin for my 15-year-old Shih Tzu when he wasn’t getting around so well. He not only walks better – he even jumped a 2×12 that I was using in front of my gate to keep him in the yard! This is the most energy I’ve seen in Bandit in the three years since I’ve had him. Thanks for this product!

Dasuquin for our Dachshund!

My 11 year-old female dachshund has always been very athletic. We started her on Dasuquin a couple of years ago, and it’s like we have our young dog back. She tires easier than she used to but she’s always up for chasing chipmunks, snakes & a ball at top speed. I’m also glad that this product is pretty soft because she is missing quite a few teeth. This is a good product to help keep my dog active.

Our Poodle is Back to Jumping on the Couch!

We have a 14 yr old standard poodle. We started him on Dasuquin Advanced for several weeks and noticed a remarkable difference in his agility and his energy level!! He is now running happily and even jumps on the couch again.

My Goldens are golden on Dasuquin Advanced!

For the past few years, my spirited Golden Retriever female (aged 8) has been going to the vet for repeated checkups on her leg. Last July her vet suggested I try Dasuquin Advanced. The results were amazing; she could continue her happy and sometimes wild antics with no consequences. I now have my rescued Golden male on Dasuquin also!

Success on Dasuquin for my Min Pin!

My Miniature Pinscher’s veterinarian started him on Dasuquin. Soon we noticed a difference in his stance and gait, and how much more easily he could go from lying to standing. Dasuquin has done wonders for his joints. I think he has been on it for about three or four years and he just celebrated his 15th birthday in January! This is an excellent product!

Lucky Lady Is Living It Up!

This tablet has done wonders for my family member Lady…she is a saved pet from the shelter and has been a perfect and faithful member of our family. She is a farm dog and helps work my chickens when they get out, she loves to run and chase squirrels, and yes, loves to jump on our bed and sleeps with us. We came to the point where we had to help her to get on the bed, she just could not do it anymore. My poor girl was getting old before her time. The Dr. said try this Dasuquin…I felt yeah right, but for my girl I will try it…Double the level for the first month down to 1 every day and my Lady has become like a puppy again!!!! Thank-you…Thank-you for Dasuquin that has brought my Lady back to being herself!!!

Yogi is a bear again!

Yogi is our 80 lb. 7 year old Chow Chow who had knee surgery in 2013 when he was 5 years old. In April of 2014 we relocated to a 3 story house with a basement. This house also has a minimum of 4 steps which must be climbed at all entrances to the home.

A few months before the move (around February 2014), Yogi started to “toe tap” and several DVM’s told us he probably would need surgery. All agreed it would be best to wait until our relocation was complete prior to surgery.

Yogi’s problems did not get better for obvious reasons once in our new home, but he did not let the steps stop him from “having fun” or from going wherever he wanted both inside and outside of our new house. Since both my husband and I had started new jobs and could not take work off to be with Yogi, our new vet said since he is not getting any worse, we can postpone the surgery until one of us is able to take some time off work.

Dasuquin was recommended in May 2014. After about 6 weeks, we noticed that Yogi stopped “toe tapping”. He has been on the maintenance level since that time. Yogi is now very active rolling on his back and kicking up his legs playing in the yard like he did when he was just a puppy! He has no problem with any of the steps and loves to run around the yard (about 3/4 acres) chasing chipmunks, bunnies and squirrels!

We are convinced that Dasuquin is the reason he is very happy.

We are very glad to share this story with you!

Honey Has Her Spring Back!!

My dog Honey is 8 years old. My veterinarian suggested using Dasuquin. Honey has been taking Dasuquin for one month and the spring in her step has returned. She plays fetch for a much lengthier time now.

Running like a River!!

Shortly after adopting River, a 2 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab mix 5 yrs ago, she was found to have bad hips. The vet recommended Dasuquin or Dasuquin w/ MSM. She’s gotten 1 tablet daily since then. She runs, jumps & climbs trees whenever she gets the chance. What a great product. Thank you.

Kayla has her bounce back!

I am a military veteran of 22yrs. I adopted an Australian Cattle dog from a shelter in California in 2000. Kayla was then 3 and had 6 puppies with her. I found them all homes. Now at 18, the past 2 years her back legs had lost muscle tone. My vet recommended Dasuquin with MSM for joint health support. Soon I noticed her walks became more of a trot and even a run after a rabbit. I didn’t know she could still run. I can hardly keep up with her anymore. I will continue to keep Kayla on Dasuquin no matter the cost for the rest of her life which I hope is at least to 20. Thank you Nutramax for giving Kayla the “bounce” back in her step.

Quality of life

My vet recommended Dasuquin for my Weimaraner for the rest of his life. He is nine. I hope he will be around many more years. This product seems to make him feel better. He is able to get around very well. So thank you for making him feel better and comfortable

Nadia is Happy Again!

My husband and I rescue dogs and cats. In 2009, we rescued the sisters which are the 2 larger dogs in the photo attached. Our story is about Nadia, the dark brown dog in the photo. Earlier this year we noticed her not playing as much with her sister. Her temperament had changed. You could tell she was not happy. We found Dasuquin. We purchased our first bottle of the Dasuquin with MSM in May. We gave her the extra amount for the time period that was written on the bottle and then went to one a day. We also gave Daisy one even though she was not having any problems. We started noticing her getting around better in a few months. Now she runs and plays just like she used to !! She is happy again and so are we and Daisy !! Thank you for this product !!

Dasuquin helps Shepherd become Spunkier!

I have a 12 yr. old German Shepherd. I started giving her Dasuquin about a month ago. I definitely see an improvement. She just seems so much spunkier! Thank you!

Dasuquin helps support and protect!

I have 2 Shih Tzu, a boy & a girl. While playing, she ran into his hip causing him to yipe. We took him to the vet, and the vet suggested trying Dasuquin. Soon after, he no longer favored his hip. Still not knowing if it is a long term fix, he is enjoying a playful life today. The girl takes it also to help protect her joints. Great job Dasuquin. Thanks

Diamond is back and shining on Dasuquin!

Our 12 year old pit bull, Diamond, had suddenly ceased jumping up into bed with us at night. She would stand at the bedside and cry and bark after several failed attempts to jump up. We would have to lift her 63 pounds into the bed. We got her back on Dasuquin and soon she was leaping into bed every night and continues to do so.

Fred is living the Good Life!

My 10-year-old border collie/cocker spaniel mix named Fred had knee surgery back in November 2013. My dog, for being almost 11 years old, acts like a pup. The vet said I’ve done a great job raising him. Fred was 2 years old when I got him, he was abused and now he has a wonderful home and gets spoon fed when he doesn’t want to eat!! I Love this dog to the moon and back!! The vet gave Fred Dasuquin and he also gave him an injection and I would recommend both to anyone!! So THANK YOU to my vet for being an awesome Dr. who really cares about animals, and also THANK YOU to Nutramax for having an awesome product and I will continue to keep my dog on the Dasuquin for life!!! He has a long life ahead!! You now have a customer for life!!

Our veterinarian recommended…

Our Veterinarian recommended Dasuquin with MSM for our 11 year old female Golden Retriever. That was nearly 2 years ago and the results have been phenomenal. She just turned 13 and we could not be more satisfied. Even friends that we had not seen for nearly a year remarked that she seemed like a much younger dog as she prances and bounds during our twice daily walks. Thank you so very much.

My Lab is Doing Great on Dasuquin® Soft Chews!

My four-year-old lab is 128 lbs, but he’s very tall and leggy, not overweight at all. His joints used to bother him after every walk or run, and sometimes he could not rise very easily. He has been taking Dasuquin soft chews for about 8 months, and now he’s doing great. I am so pleased.

Happy Havanese!

My pet is a 6yr. old Havanese. We had noticed a change in his ability to jump, play and run. My vet recommended your products Dasuquin for his joint health and Welactin omega-3 fish oil for overall wellness. He has been receiving these products daily and the change in our dog is remarkable. He is jumping, running on our walks and chasing his toys better than he has for the past year. I am very thankful for these products and feel that my pet is better because of them.

Guinness says “Cheers!” to Dasuquin!

My 8 year old 95 lb mutt was not as comfortable in his shoulder after any sort of physical activity. Since he is living with a puppy and constantly having dogs over, he enjoyed nothing more than zipping around the yard with them; however, it often resulted in him not being able to put any weight on it for the next few days. I had to even keep him inside during some days. Since on Dasuquin, he has been more comfortable, even after puppy play dates and long hikes! Thanks to Dasuquin, Guinness even made it to our favorite hiking spot, which he hasn’t done in years.

Dasuquin has made such a difference!

I could not believe the difference that Dasuquin has made in my 15 year old German Shepherd. He went from lazing around all day to running after his much younger brother, barking like a puppy. I would recommend Dasuquin to anyone and I only wish I had started it earlier in his life. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Sugar is on the move!

I requested glucosamine for my chow, Sugar, from my Vet. She suggested Dasuquin over commercial and the over-counter products. I tried it and my Sugar feels much better and is able to play and walk much, much better (she is 14 years old!). Thank you, thank you (Sugar thanks you, too!)

Go Dasuquin!

We have a 10 year old German Shepherd that seems to move better with the use of the product.

Our Shepherd is golden on Dasuquin!

Our veterinarian recommended that we put our 13+ year old German Shepherd on Dasuquin. She seems to be able to get around a lot better when we keep her on Dasuquin regularly. Thank you, Dr. Sweet!

Success with Dasuquin® for Abby

We used to help my 11 year old Bernese Mountain dog, Abby, up in the morning. And she would want to walk only a very short distance. We tried different glucosamine supplements which never seemed to help all that much. My vet highly recommended Dasuquin. Abby has now been on the Dasuquin for about 6 months, and she runs and plays like a puppy again. I love Dasuquin and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great joint health supplement. We have started our German Shepherd on it to help protect her joints. I can’t thank you enough for such an AMAZING product.

Lacy is more sociable now!

My 13-yr. old grey tabby cat Lacy wasn’t as active as she once was. She was laying on her bed more and wouldn’t jump on the couch or bed like she used to. Lacy was started on Dasuquin Advanced Soft Chews and in a short time we noticed improvement! She is walking, jumping & has become a lot more “sociable” now that she is feeling better!

Beau knows snow!

My Dog, Beau, is 13 years old and is taking Dasuquin with MSM joint health supplement. We live north of Boston. We got a lot of snow this winter (5-6 inches is just a dusting to us). Beau doesn’t act a day over 9yrs. Beau loves cold weather, digging snow holes in the ground, snapping at snowflakes. He was not comfortable in the tail and back legs. Well that’s all changed with your product. Thank you so much XOXO Lisa and my dog Beau. Woof, woof

Happy Teddy!

My mini schnauzer Teddy is 11 yrs old. He loves to be active, but he has had less mobility in his back legs. My vet recommended Dasuquin and he LOVES IT!!! And he’s comfortable…happy dog & owner

Our Golden is golden on Dasuquin!

Our Veterinarian recommended Dasuquin with MSM for our 11 year old female Golden Retriever. That was nearly 2 years ago and the results have been phenomenal. She just turned 13 and we could not be more satisfied. Even friends that we had not seen for nearly a year remarked that she seemed like a much younger dog as she prances and bounds during our twice daily walks. Thank you so very much.

Phoebe is Back to Finding Her Favorite Spot on the Couch

My cat, Phoebe, is 13 years old, soon to be 14.  Going up the stairs and jumping on the furniture became a bit of a chore for her.  She managed but often missed.  After a couple months on the Dasuquin, she’s definitely improved.  She isn’t 100% back to normal; however, she can go up the steps so much better and is able to jump up on her favorite spot on the couch.  I’ve seen a great improvement!

Our Lab is Chasing Squirrels with Ease!

Our small female black lab is 12 years old and has had a left hip issue for several years.  We give her 1/2 of a Dasuquin in the morning, 1/2 at dinner.  We found if we cut the portion in 1/4s, she will eat it with food.  When she takes Dasuquin regularly, she can chase squirrels with ease!

Ethel Loves Dasuquin Advanced!

I have an 11 year old golden retriever, Ethel.  For the last years she has come upstairs to sleep in my and my husband’s room until about 7 months ago, she stopped coming up the stairs.  I had tried other supplements in the past, but she didn’t like the taste.  One of my young vets talked me into trying Dasuquin Advanced so I brought a foil pack home.  My Ethel loves them, takes them as a treat, and after 1 month of taking 2 tabs she started coming up the stairs again! Fabulous product!!

Levi Takes Dasuquin

Levi is an 8 year old miniature pinscher.  About 18 months ago, I noticed Levi was having trouble climbing onto the chair so I could fasten his leash.  Knowing how taking a joint supplement had helped me in the past, I asked our vet to recommend something like that for dogs.  He recommended Dasuquin.  After a month in, he was getting onto the chair more easily.  He has now responded so well that looking at him you would never guess he had a joint issue.  Thank you!

My German Shepherds Take Dasuquin Advanced

Daily Dasuquin helps my female German shepherd (13 last Dec.) with her movements. She has a ramp, a yard to walk in, lots of love and carrots for treats. I also have a rescue German shepherd 8 yrs. old who is a wonderful runner (like a deer). He gets his Dasuquin daily, too. Thanks for the product.

Seeing the Difference with Dasuquin Advanced

I have been using the soft chews for both of my 11 year old dogs for about a month now.  I certainly can see the difference in both of them.  I plan to keep giving them your product.  One dog is a rescue dog and one is a Pomeranian.

My Active Newfoundland Dogs are on Dasuquin with MSM

I have 5 Newfoundlands and I have them all on Dasuquin with MSM joint health supplement.  I buy the 150 ct bottles, 2 a month.  I feel this product has helped my large breed dogs.  My dogs are very active.  We do water rescue, carting, obedience, therapy work and conformation.  So we keep them very busy.  I feel keeping them on this product has kept their joints healthy.

Like a New Dog with Dasuquin

My 9 year old terrier lab mix began having issues walking up the stairs and chasing the ball like she used to.  I was able to purchase this product and within weeks her disposition and comfort levels were very noticeable! She is like a new dog and I am so thankful for this product! I would recommend it to anyone with an older dog.

Our Greyhound is Doing Well on Dasuquin Advanced

Our dog is a retired greyhound.  After many years of racing on the track, and having two litters of puppies, she was put up for adoption.  We acquired her and she has been on Dasuquin ever since based on our vet’s recommendation.  We have not had any joint issues, and we plan on continuing to use your product.  Thank you.

Buddy is Back to Enjoying Life

My 16 year old Border Collie, Buddy, has been having issues with his hips. He started taking Dasuquin, and the response is astonishing! He’s getting up easier and initiating play with the other dogs. I’m so happy that my boy is back to enjoying life. Thank you!!

Dasuquin Advanced Has Made a World of Difference

Our 15 year old Shih Tzu was having issues with her mobility. She would not climb stairs at all or go on walks. Our vet started her on Dasuquin Advanced and it has made a world of difference. She runs the stairs now and will go for short walks! She even jumped onto the couch for the first time in over a year! Thank you so much for making great products that help our “furry family members” enjoy a better quality of life.

Pleased With the Results in my Golden!

My performance Golden was injured in a fall as a pup. After multiple vets, we ended up at the veterinary school. They started him on Dasuquin with MSM. Now, at age twelve, his hips are still terrific and I am very pleased with the results.

Peppy Clancy Takes Dasuquin Advanced!

Clancy, an Australian Shepherd mix, has been on Dasuquin Advanced for several months and has continued to do well. His energy level has stayed high, even though he is getting a few years on him now. He is my happy, peppy, always cheerful, wonderful little dog and I think with Dasuquin Advanced I can probably keep him comfortable for many more years.

Daily Walks are Doable on Dasuquin!

We have a 15 yr. old dog on Dasuquin. She was wanting to go on her daily walks and not able. She now brings me her leash and is able to complete walks twice daily. Thanks to Dasuquin!

What a Difference Dasuquin Advanced Has Made

We have an American Bulldog mix and she is 11 yrs. old. We started her on the Dasuquin Advanced chew at 1 chew a day. Now this girl can run up and down the stairs and jump into the truck and loves her walks. She is like a puppy all over again. Thank you very much for this chew! What a difference it has made to our Maddy Dog.

Sitting Comfortably Once More!

My very nice 13 year old lab, who runs every day in the country, did not like to sit for treats and seemed uncomfortable. My vet recommended the soft chew Dasuquin with MSM. He has been having this every day for a year. After about a month, he seemed much more comfortable.

Very Pleased with the Results in my Toy Poodle

We started my 10½ year old toy poodle on Dasuquin ½ tablet twice a day. Soon I saw a response. She now walks normally. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results of your product. She continues to take it. Thank you very much for such a good product.

Little Maggie is Spry Again

I always wanted a pet growing up, yet with 7 kids in the house, no go… My little yellow lab love, Maggie, has now been with me for almost 15 years. Three years ago, she stopped jumping up on the couch and bed… I started her on Dasuquin. I am writing to you because I just would never have believed without seeing it for myself. She is so spry and youthful! She is in such great shape as a result of being able to go for long walks and play. Most people who meet her for the first time think that she is a 1 year old puppy with her being so little and so fun loving. I can’t believe she has such a quality life at such an older age for a pup (and my first pup ever, my love). You all are more than welcome to interview her for a commercial (I am not looking for money, just to get it out there for other puppies to take it!) She is such an incredible example of how this supplement can help a pet’s quality of life!

I can send you videos of Maggie before and after if that even helps one puppy owner recognize the beautiful benefits…

Mousse Loves her Dasuquin®!

I adopted my lively chocolate lab, Mousse, when she was 15 months old. She has had two knee surgeries since. The vet recommended Dasuquin, and she has been on the chewable tabs daily (she thinks they’re a treat.) Today she is as active and as happy-go-lucky as before.

Beau, Our Circus Dog!

We got Beau for our Big Dog, Maxx, as sort of “the toy that played back”. Beau has such enthusiasm and energy as most poodles do and the wee black fuzzy bundle of interesting weaseled his way into our hearts and home in no time at all. Beau should have been in the circus for all his acrobatics, big leaps and twirls. Maxx passed away and it’s just been Beau, my husband and myself…we teasingly refer to him as Velcro Dog since he’s always stuck to one of us. Beau is now 12 and about two years ago, he couldn’t hop up onto the couch without assistance or many attempts. So we took him to the vet for his annual check up and told our vet about what we saw with Beau. The vet recommended Dasuquin -1/2 tablet a day considering Beau is only 17 lbs. It was only a matter of weeks before we noticed that Beau was improving and a year later – this dog is back to his puppy like self…jumping up and down where he wants. Well, he’s twelve now and doesn’t walk windowsills or the back of the couch anymore but he happily and easily twirls and does his poodle dances. It’s nice to see. This year for Beau’s annual physical – we asked for more Dasuquin. It is worth the money for the good things it does for our fuzzy friend.

Bouncy Boston!

My Vet recommended Dasuquin for my 6 year old female Boston Terrier. We did the 4 week loading level and now she is on the maintenance level. She is like a new dog. Will jump up on her recliner like she used to. Thanks to Dasuquin!!!

Moving more with Dasuquin!

My lab is now 12 and a half yrs. old. She has been on Dasuquin MSM for over a year. She is definitely more mobile and moves without a lot of effort.

Quality of Life for my Husky/Mastiff Mixes

Dear sir or madam, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I have been using your product for both of my dogs. They are both husky/mastiff mixes. Over a couple of years I have noticed that they have been doing quite well while using your product. I am very pleased with the results and the help that they get from taking Dasuquin and Cosequin, it’s great. Please keep up the good work because I depend on you.

Dasuquin for quality of life!

We have brother & sister Lhasa Apsos who are 12 years old. A few months ago we noticed that our boy had slowed down. Our Vet recommended Dasuquin and we started him on it at the recommended level. Soon after starting Dasuquin we noticed that he started walking better and has more energy to play again! Many thanks for making your product to help our precious family members live longer & fuller lives!

Joe’s on the GO!

One morning our 14 year-old cocker/lab mix couldn’t use his back legs to lift the lower part of his body off the floor. We used a towel, put it under him, and helped him rise. He could walk, but when he went to lie down to rest, he couldn’t get up. We took him to our vet thinking the worst. Our vet recommended Dasuquin. We thought, “What would a pill do?” We couldn’t imagine it could help. We expected to be back at the vet in a day or two. We went home, gave the Dasuquin at the recommended level, and hoped for the best. A short time later, Joe could lift himself to walk. What a surprise! He had a complete turn-around. Joe’s been on Dasuquin for a year now. He’s beating the odds, has good health, and walks with us every day. He isn’t as fast as he used to be, but he is still with us, and we are so grateful. Thanks for Dasuquin.

Mittens is movin’!

My vet recommended Dasuquin for my cat, Mittens. With 1 capsule spread over her moist food every morning, it only took a short few weeks for her to be walking and back to her old spunk again! Thank You for everything from Me and Mittens!

Calvin craves Dasuquin!

Calvin, our Goldendoodle, was 1 year and 4 months old when we rescued him. He is now going on 12 yrs. old in July. When he was off Dasuquin for a week, because I forgot his bottle to take over to our daughter’s house, what a difference for him and his hip, not good. My vet recommended Dasuquin with MSM. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

Snoops is back in action!

Our Australian Shepherd/Mix, Snoops, is almost 15. He has really been slowing down. He has problems going down the stairs. His legs give out on him and with the downward momentum, he frequently falls. He has been on Dasuquin for 5 weeks. He is doing so much better. He seems to have more strength in his legs, which gives him more control on the stairs. He also likes to pounce on his stuffed pig and throw it into the air. He hasn’t done that in a long time. Recently he literally ran across the room and jumped up onto the couch. We watched in amazement. He hasn’t been able to get on the couch for the last 6 months. We realize that he is still 15 years old and don’t know how much longer he will be with us, but at least he seems more comfortable and less lethargic. He just seems happier. Thank you for that.

Better Days for Dennis!

My rescue dog, Dennis, had a rough first three years of his life. He is only 7 1/2 years old and has struggled with joint health for the past four years. Our veterinarian suggested we try the Dasuquin Chews. It has been a huge change for Dennis. He thinks they are his favorite treat and he’s moving better! He just finished his second bag – well worth the money!

Jumping for Joy!

I’ve taken Chondroitin/Glucosamine myself for many years with great results. I asked our Vet whether our newly retired 5 year old greyhound ex-racer should take a supplement. He only recommends your brand because he said your product is consistent–he said you don’t know what you’re getting with the OTC brands. After 3 months, she jumped right up when we called her, and has ever since then. She also loves the taste, and politely waits for it after breakfast. I believe your product has made our beautiful, and much loved grey more comfortable, and for that, I’m grateful. Thank you for making Dasuquin!

Dasuquin Helps Pets – Generation After Generation

I was so happy to find your product. It helped our sweet, now departed Zorro, enjoy the last few months of his life, despite going blind. Zorro, the sweetest creature to ever put paw to this planet, graced us with his unconditional love, fidelity and sweet, sweet kisses for 13 years. Now, our 14 year old, ‘Nando, is taking your product and is doing so much better…..our dogs and we thank you.

Blazing New Trails!

Our 1 yr old Newfoundland pup was having trouble getting his hind end up to go outside. We put Blaze on Dasuquin and now he is running and playing and feeling great. Thanks Nutramax

My Happy, Active “Berner” Dugan

My Bernese Mountain Dog, Dugan, has been taking Dasuquin with MSM now for 3 1/2 years. An orthopedic veterinarian recommended Dasuquin when he was 6 months old to help his hips. Dugan had never really been the type of dog to jump up a lot. After taking Dasuquin for about 5 weeks, it was like having a different puppy…and of course along with the good comes some bad…Dugan not only was a happy, jumping puppy, but he also started counter-surfing for goodies on the counter that he never would try to jump up at before!

Dugan is a happy, healthy and very active “Berner” who LOVES going out for walks multiple times a day and who thoroughly enjoys visiting the dog park and the dog beach to romp around with all the other dogs. Since starting Dugan on Dasuquin with MSM, I’ve recommended the product to multiple friends with dogs who are aging and could benefit from joint support. They have also had success with the product. I will continue to give it to Dugan for the rest of his life, and I am thankful Dasuquin is available to help all the animals who need it. Thanks Nutramax!

Best regards, Gail & Dugan

Helping to Save a Life!!

Nearly 6 years ago, a female Labrador retriever was brought into the veterinary hospital where I am employed. The former owners brought her in to be put to sleep because she could not get up… she weighed 152 lbs. The doctors convinced the owners to allow me to keep her. I began to measure her food and put her immediately on Dasuquin and Welactin. It took about 9 months, but she lost 82 lbs. She responded to the joint supplements very well. I thought if she lived to be 10, it would be great, and now she is not far from her 12th birthday!!!!! Using the Dasuquin and Welactin helped to keep her active for more than 5 years!!!

I know the joint supplements played a huge role in her still being around. She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met, too. I thank Nutramax for their excellent products. I also use Cosequin on a large pony and a retired racehorse I have. All the animals that are getting any of your products are doing very well. Now, I have begun to put all the dogs and horses on it by the time they are 1 or 2 years old to help protect their joints.

Sincerely, Patricia from Maryland

Ginger loves her Dasuquin!

My yellow lab, Ginger, was about 7 months old when she started Dasuquin. She is now 5 years old and continues to run and jump more comfortably. I am very religious about making sure she takes her Dasuquin every day. She likes the taste and she has kept her girlish figure (as I tell her).

Benny is Moving Now!

Our Pekingese, Benny, is nine now and we adopted him a year ago. Our Vet put him on Dasuquin during our initial visit. It has really helped him–he trots along like a little puppy and doesn’t arch his back like he used to. Dasuquin has made such a difference and has given him a great quality of life!

Dasuquin is Making a Difference!

I have 2 large dogs, ages 7 and 8. I had been giving them a joint supplement from my grocery/pet store. Soon after switching my older Border Collie to Dasuquin, there was a notable difference. I started to give it to my Doberman, and he is now leaping and playing like a pup. I called my vet and asked what is in this?? I want to take it, too!!